Tarot events

Tarot for your birthday, gathering, or small group

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to celebrate a transition or to mark a passage of time. I would love to join you and your loved ones in a celebration that can be enhanced even further with a card reading. To read for a small group, I set up a quiet table (or a room) that is separate from the main gathering. Participants are invited to visit on their own time.

Tarot at your public event

If you are planning an event for your business, your community, or another larger group, consider including tarot. Tarot readings can be themed around your atmosphere (Halloween is an obvious one! But there are other opportunities for magical moments as well).

Hourly Rate

Attendees do not pay for their own tarot readings. Event host estimates the number of readings and pays ahead of time.

Booking fee and reservation$25, plus mileage if travel is considerable
One tarot reader$250 for up to 8 appointments
$125 for each additional 5 appointments

Up to 6 attendees can receive a tarot reading in one hour. For larger events, I may recommend a second tarot reader and additional cost.

Per Person Rate

Attendees pay for their own tarot readings, either directly or via a door price.

Booking fee and reservation$25, plus mileage if travel is considerable
Mini reading (5 to 7 minutes)
Full reading (15 to 20 minutes)
Relationship reading (20-30 minutes)
$10 per person
$20 to $35 per person
$35-50 per couple/family/small group

Interactive Workshop Rate

Attendees participate in an educational workshop or collective tarot reading. 

Booking fee and reservation$25, plus mileage if travel is considerable
10 participants or less$20 per person
More than 10 participantsContact me to arrange details 🙂

Please note: costs will change to reflect any provided supplies, travel needs, etc. 

Pay what you can pricing

I believe that I am offering a service that can positively impact the lives of most people, but especially those that are traditionally excluded from conversations around self care, connection, and introspection. It is one of my core practices to make my services accessible to as many people as possible. To that end, I offer a “sliding scale” of prices. Every person receiving a reading from me has the option to pay less or more than the recommended service cost without providing an explanation, proof of income, or any other vetting process. 

Event hosts, I am willing to offer sliding scale prices if your group is underfunded, community focused, and aligned with my values. I am not always able to offer a lower rate, especially because my own financial situation is unstable. It’s a gig economy, and we all do our best. If you think that your event would benefit from tarot but you cannot afford my standard rates, contact me.