My code of ethics

In my practice, I will:

Create an honest expectation of tarot: tarot is a tool that can be used to draw connections and create insight. It is not a yes or no answer, and it will only have as much effect as the querent chooses to internalize ideas shared during the reading.

Listen to my clients and unpack the cards with them. Tarot in an ongoing conversation and I will acknowledge the complexities of untangling the myriad of factors that affect a single person’s life. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, and each reading will be unique.

Build a practice that prioritizes individual and community need. This means:

  1. Meeting my clients where they are, at an individual level. Each person is unique and their growth cannot be compared to societal expectations.
  2. Sharing resources of self care and community care, especially when those ideas are opposed by systems that prioritize large scale economic growth. 
  3. Using a sliding payment scale that prioritizes marginalized communities.  

I recognize my privilege and biases, and I do my best to continually educate myself. If I’m presented with a situation that is outside of my expertise or comfort, I will communicate that honestly. If I do not have the experience needed in order to offer a tarot reading for a specific situation, I will not pull cards. The best way to service my community is to be honest about my limits, so I will do my best to stay within my means and provide alternatives for any clients that would work better with a different resource.

Here is a list of creators I listen to, if you’re interested in learning about my influences.