Moonhanded Studio is an archive of work by me, Natasha Blush, a queer maker living on Powhatan land (also called Richmond, VA). I aim to create works that are conversational, intimate, and introspective via performances and handmade objects. I have a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Sculpture + Extended Media Department, 2016.

My work uses the language of trauma informed healing, universal design, and my own queer experience. To me, queerness values introspection and bodily exploration at the expense of the ‘one size fits all’. By celebrating uniqueness, queer communities create space for not just other queer people, but many other marginalized identities.

I believe that using accessible language benefits my communities – and any movement that is inclusive of marginalized identities, anti-capitalist values, kinky or non-monogamous relationships, and other labels that imply otherness. My hope that the performances and things that I make are asking viewers and participants to connect to their own bodies and to each other.

I collaborate with Linds Parnell at NB-LP. <3