I’m Natasha, tarot reader and maker of Moonhanded Studio. I have been working with tarot for most of my life, but I started learning the cards with intention when I was 17. I fell in love with the storytelling, and I appreciated the opportunities for connection that tarot provided during some awkward teen years.

Like many, I learned through Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustrations (the Rider-Waite-Smith deck), but always avoided using those exact cards. It took a while to recognize that my needs were at odds with interpretations that reflected the values a completely different culture and time.

We know that the meaning of tarot changes in order to fit into the contemporary conversations. But it doesn’t happen passively. Over time I’ve learned to recognize how traditional tarot meanings can adapt to reflect my values, and that of my community and clients as well.

I’ve spent years working with intention to untangle my own identity and find inclusive ways to read tarot. Stories change over time, and I pull cards in hope of liberatory future that celebrates the intersections of personal and cultural identities.