2019 Spring Equinox

On March 20th the moon began to rise half an hour before the sun set. With five participants, I led a half hour long workshop to participate in the transition from winter to spring. Each participant was asked to prepare four objects and bring them.

Workbook including the poem that called for specific objects that were used in the ritual.

The booklet focused on themes around the spring equinox relating to personal growth, sustainability, and community. Some passages were read aloud, and blank spaces were left to answer written prompts and encourage introspection. The workshop opened with a communal activity to create a group dynamic, and then shifted to personal responses. It closed with another group passage and a chance to share goals and motivations for the upcoming season as we each placed “something foolish bright” on a shared table lit by candles. Each person was given a chance to create concrete goals for themselves and their community.

Brought objects were personal – each participant had a different “lucky charm for trials of chance”, but the corresponding ritual was standard: convince their item that they would find a balance between personal responsibility and an acknowledgement of circumstances outside of their control. By anthropomorphizing the charm and other chosen objects, participants had a personal investment in the process. I hoped to create a comfortable and introspective space so that there was no performing, hesitation, or pressure to fulfill potential expectations.

Part of a yearly project to create community around seasonal themes.